Security and personal data processing

    Your personal data are processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council. In order to register for a race, we require your first name, last name, email address, mobile phone number, date of birth, gender, and full address. For regular site registration, we require first and last name, email address, date of birth and gender. Credit card data is required for payments done via the system, but none of the credit card data is saved on our servers. For payment processing, we use Bluesnap payment gateway, which promises GDPR compliance. We promise security for all data that we do store on our servers.

    Any information you provide will be used exclusively for the purposes for which it is intended. All your personal information is secured by encryption and server protection.

    Gran Fondo New York, Inc. will keep your personal data private, and will not share, distribute or sell your data with any third-party services, or make it available in any way without your previous acceptance. By using the gfny.cc web system you agree to personal data processing described on this page.

    Personal data collection manager is available via email address support@gfny.com or at the company headquarters at 5114 Kennedy Blvd West #16, West New York, NJ 07093, United States.

    What is GDPR?

    The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA. The GDPR aims primarily to give control to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.

    What is personal data?

    Personal data is all data which relate to an individual who is, or can be identified. An individual whose identity can be identified is a person who can be identified directly or indirectly, especially by identifiers such as first and last name, personal number, location information, network identifiers or by one or more factors which are inherent to physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of said individual.

    What is personal data processing?

    Personal data processing is every action or multiple actions which are being executed on one or more personal data, using either automated or non-automated processes such as collecting, recording, saving, organizing, structuring, storing, adapting or modifying, retrieving, inspecting, using, detecting by transmission, spreading or otherwise making available, synchronizing or combining, restricting, deleting or destroying.

    Personal data collection manager is available via email address support@gfny.com or at the company headquarters at 5114 Kennedy Blvd West #16, West New York, NJ 07093, United States.

    When and how is gfny.cc processing personal data?

    Gran Fondo New York, Inc. collects only the personal data that is essential for the fulfillment of company's legal obligations (eg. issuing payment requests or invoices), or personal data which is authorized by the user to be used for public race data, qualifications, statistics, and performance measuring. Providing personal data for the purpose of race registration and ticket purchases is a contractual obligation, and if you do not provide them, this will affect the performance of the contract or even disable it.

    When purchasing a race ticket, we collect data for the purpose of measuring racer results, race qualifications and medal awarding (first and last name, date of birth, gender, address information, mobile, and other phone number) and emergency handling (emergency contact, emergency phone number). You will receive an email with ticket and receipt data after every purchase. Credit card information is not saved on our servers. gfny.cc uses a certified third-party service for credit card charging, which protects your data using encryption.

    If you sign up on gfny.cc platform, we will collect your first and last name, email, date of birth and gender in order to make your account unique and easy to link to your old and new race tickets.

    If you contact Gran Fondo New York, Inc. by email, phone, or some other way, we will use the data you provide in that way exclusively for handling your query in accordance to General Data Protection Regulation.

    Gran Fondo New York, Inc. does not sell its customers’ personal data.

    Who has access to your personal information?

    Your personal information is accessible to our employees who have access to system administration. All of the said employees are familiar with our data protection policy. Your first name, last name, and date of birth will be visible on race results of every race you enter.

    Who are the entities with whom gfny.cc can share your personal information with?

    Bluesnap Payment Gateway

    BlueSnap complies with Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Securities Standards (PCI-DSS), which is the highest standard of PCI compliance.

    Whenever a shopper's cardholder payment data is transmitted, processed, or managed through the BlueSnap platform, BlueSnap takes responsibility for the proper security of the data entrusted to it in accordance with PCI-DSS requirements. Only the data necessary for online payment procedures are collected.

    You can read more on PCI-DSS here:


    Franchises and third party services

    GFNY World is an international event series held in different locations around the world. To make this possible, Gran Fondo New York, Inc. cooperates with local companies. To obtain the latest list of local companies, please contact Gran Fondo New York, Inc. via email address support@gfny.com.

    Gran Fondo New York, Inc. cooperates with third-party services in order to send emails and to enhance user experience. We share only the data necessary for service execution with the following third-party services:

    • Sendgrid - authorized platform for electronic mail sending, which is used to send all the emails on the platform
    • Google - Google Analytics is used to track web statistics, demographic information and user behavior. Note that we do not Link any particular user data to this information.

    Access to the user database, except for Gran Fondo New York, Inc., for the purpose of concluding or executing a contract, is granted to:

    • Locastic d.o.o - The agency which built gfny.cc platform

    Your data is secure with GFNY platform and will not be shared with other private or legal entities for any other purpose except the ones listed above.

    For how long will your data be stored?

    Personal data is stored and processed for as long as it's necessary for the execution of certain legitimate purposes, unless the applicable regulations provide a longer storing time period for a particular purpose.

    In case of race registration or sign up, your data is saved on our servers until user anonymization or deletion is requested.

    In which way do we acquire your data?

    All your personal information that Gran Fondo New York, Inc. owns has been obtained solely with your consent, given to us either by using the website, sign up and/or race registration. Gran Fondo New York, Inc. does not acquire or buy any personal data from third-party services.

    Can you request permanent personal information removal and withdraw your consent to their usage?

    In any moment you can request personal information removal by sending an anonymization request to support@gfny.com. After anonymization, you will not be able to access your account on gfny.cc, nor will anyone using the system be able to connect remaining anonymized data with you.

    Can you overview and edit your personal data?

    If you log into your account on gfny.cc you can view all your data on your account. You can access and edit your profile and race ticket information. Some parts of race ticket information cannot be edited because of race organization timeline, but you can send an information change request to support@gfny.com.

    Can you export all your personal information?

    If you log into your account on gfny.cc you can download all your personal information and any data we have connected to you in PDF format.

    Is my data automatically profiled?


    Who can I contact if I feel gfny.cc is breaking my privacy rights?

    You can contact Personal Data Protection Agency in your country.

    Usage of cookies

    gfny.cc uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience. We save some data to give you a more streamlined access, and track user actions to find out how to further improve this website. User and tracking data is not shared with any third-party services. Cookies are, in general, very small text files which are saved to a users' computer in order to track your language preferences, login tokens and similar. Cookies cannot be used to start a program or planting a virus into your computer.

    Children privacy protection

    Our website does not contain any content that could be harmful to children, so we don't have any age limitations for our users. However, race participants have to be of legal age in their country and have to accept the waiver stating they are over the legal age in their country, otherwise, they cannot register for the race, nor they can buy a ticket.

    Legality, honesty and transparency

    Your personal information will be processed in accordance with legal obligations, your consent or other legitimate bases. Information linked to you is collected, used and processed in a transparent way, meaning you have an insight into any change of your information.

    Integrity and confidentiality

    In order to protect your personal information against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration, and unauthorized disclosure or access, Gran Fondo New York, Inc. uses technical and organizational security measures.

    Changes in data protection policy

    Gran Fondo New York, Inc. has the right to modify or supplement the policy on confidential information at any time and for any reason. Nothing on this page may be used, or is intended to be used, in any form of binding agreement between Gran Fondo New York, Inc. and any user who visits the platform or provides their data of any kind.

    Questions and comments

    Gran Fondo New York, Inc. will answer all reasonable inquiries to change your personal information. If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us via email at support@gfny.com